Sigrblot at Sigrheim!


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The first Sigrblot at the home of victory!

And no other place is it more righteous to celebrate the Victory Sacrifice!

This is time we come together to honor both the summer and to make offering to Odin in hopes of his blessing for that which we are striving forth to conquer or aquire for us and our Folk! In times now passed, our Folk would be asking for Odins blessings in battles and raids! And we ask now at this time for him to accept what we have to offer that he may lend his strength to see us victorious in our current endeavors!

Blot! Feasting! An auction with  one of a kind items! And,

The 1st ever Victory Tournament! Come test your skills on the field of honor! Tug o war! The Hammer throw! Jomswikinger! Farm Walk! Race! Arm wrestling! And more!

Who shall taste defeat and who shall reign as The Supreme Victor?!

Camping is available on site. There are hotels within 20 to 30 min of Sigrheim as well and you will be responsible for your own camping gear or other accommodations off site. You are welcome to come and gather before or to stay after but the event begins at 9 A.M. on saturday July 22 and goes through the evening. Or you can choose to come and go throughout the weekend.

Notice: this is undeveloped land. We will have Port-a-potties and will make sure some water is available. However it is imperative that you plan accordingly. There will be a couple large event tents to gather in. But no other public structure.

Please wear appropriate footwear and be prepared for a hike through the woods and up the ridge if you plan on participating in Blot.  If you have any physical restrictions this particular part of the weekend may cause a challenge or an inability to participate on that particular event. If you have offroad vehicles such as 4 runners, atv’s, etc they would be a most welcome addition to the weekend and could mean the ability to get those who are otherwise restricted, up the ridge and safetly back down again.

Bug spray, sunscreen, coolers, water, food, tents, blankets, appropriate clothing and footwear is advised.

The registration for this event is $20 plus an auction item per person. OR $50 per person.  Children free.






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