South African Aid

Hail from Volkswachstum AFA-South Africa

Havamal 41 –
“Friends shall gladden each other
with arms and garments,
As each for himself can see;
Gift-givers’ friendships
are longest found,
If fair their fates may be.”

As we entered some unknown dark times with the “pandemic” of the Covid-19, it caused many of us to start stressing about our own jobs, our own businesses that we started to look past the ones who already was jobless and homeless long before the Covid-19 even existed.

Volkswachstum took this time with the generous help from AFA to reach out to the elderly homeless people. This handful people live on the street, their only form of income to buy food and if they are lucky pay R20+ ($2) for a night at a shelter was to stand at local shopping centres and act as car guards and collect tips from people. Due to the Covid-19 it became illegal for them to go out and earn an income leaving them hungry and shelter less.

South African government released over 500 000 food parcels in the time of the “pandemic” to assist the people in need, to date the parcels who did not got stolen by the people intrusted to hand it out and bandits who attack the vehicles that transport these parcels, only townships were helped (non-white settlements). Millions of Rands was also made available to assist families who lost their means of income this includes small business owners and once again only those who qualified got helped (you must fall in the BEE policy to qualify), again only helping the non-white people.

Volkswachtum took a message of hope, we will not reach out to the 100’s of organisations that currently are only reaching out to townships, but we will reach out to OUR OWN FOLK, those who truly needs it most.

We raise a Horn and Hail our Alsherjargothi and Asatru Folk Assembly who made this possible, we in South Africa appreciate the thoughts and endless support we have received from day one.
As Folkbuilder, I raise a Horn and Hail Nathan Small for his support and time he dedicates to our kindred, may the Gods bless you brother.

Christo Le Roux
Folkbuilder – South Africa

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New Apprentice Folkbuilder

Please join me in welcoming Krystal Bailey as the AFA’s newest Apprentice Folkbuilder. Krystal will be working with Gythia Sheila McNallen, Gothi Thorgrun Odden, and Ryan Harlan to build and support our AFA West membership. Those of us in the West have appreciated Krystal’s commitment and hard work first hand at Óðinshof. Welcome to the team Krystal, we are all excited to watch you succeed.

Hail the Aesir!
Hail AFA West!
Hail Krystal Bailey!

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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From Y2K to V1K (2000)

by Stephen A. McNallen
from The Runestone Fall – Winter 1999

January 2, 2000

The lights didn’t go out. Hordes of frenzied cannibal yuppies didn’t fill our streets. Instead of the rattle of automatic weapons, popping champagne corks welcomed in the New Year. Y2K, the collapse of the computerizedd infrastructure of modern civilization, was a nonevent.

Now can we all get back to work?

Our apprehensions consumed much of our energy over the last year or so. Many of us, myself included, spent time and money planning for everything from a power outage to a The End Of The World As We Know It. Quite a few Asatruar turned inward, preoccupied with questions of survival, and the energy feeding into our common religious life dropped off noticeably. This was understandable – but hey, folks, we survived. It’s time to focus on both our private spiritual lives and on the tribal, community aspects of Asatru.

Even though the millennium is a Christian milestone with no religious relevance to us, this is still an appropriate time to ponder the future of the Asatru Folk Assembly. I will be giving a lot of thought to this question in the next hundred days or so. At last August’s Gathering of the Tribes I said I would not be doing “status quo Asatru” in a year’s time, and I was entirely serious. We have to continually examine our actions, even to the point of challenging our basic premises, if we are to keep the AFA on the cutting edge of forward movement in Asatru.

One priority for the coming year? Organizing our Asatru community here in northern California. Between now and the next issue of The Runestone, we will make significant physical improvements on the land. At the same time, we will continue attracting quality individuals and families to our area. Our plan is to build a model community, one which will lure still more Asatruar – and which will inspire others to emulate our success in their own localities.

On another topic – Y2K has come and gone, and now it is time to tackle V1K … Vinland One Thousand! Yes, this is the one thousandth year since Leif Erikson’s first voyage to North America and we must use this as an educational opportunity to enlighten others. We are Vinlanders, and by the end of the coming year we need to make the name of our nation a household word from New York to San Diego and every point in between!

Whatever the shape of our various projects in the coming months and years, we must remember that the AFA did not come into being so that Asatru could be practiced by a handful of the faithful, safely out of sight of the larger society around us. We came to lay the groundwork for fundamental historic changes. I, for one, am not interested in anything less. Any smaller vision, any diminutive and unheroic mission, is not worth our trouble. Join with me as we rise to this challenge and prepare to make our mark on the twenty-first century! Hail the AFA!

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New Apprentice Folkbuilder

Please join me in welcoming South Carolina’s Daniel Young as the AFA’s newest Apprentice Folkbuilder. Daniel will be working with Rob Stamm and Gothi Svan Herul to grow and care for our AFA family in the Upper South region. We are very confident in Daniel’s commitment and ability to help the Upper South shine.

Hail Daniel Young!
Hail the Folkbuilders!
Hail the AFA!

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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Donar’s Oak Kindred

I am proud to welcome home The Donar’s Oak Kindred of South Carolina as a official Kindred of the Asatru Folk Assembly. Gaining Kindred recognition is not a easy thing, it takes dedication and loyalty and willingness to stand with our church and family. The Upper South region continues to grow. Recently we acquired our second Hof in North Carolina. And now we have another Kindred to help support this second Hof and Upper South region. Thank you for stepping up and joining our family of local congregations.

Hail the Donar’s Oak Kindred!
Hail our Families!
Hail 25 years of the Asatru Folk Assembly!!!

Jason Gallagher
Kindred Coordinator,
Asatru Folk Assembly

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Concerning Food Storage and Production (1999)

A Statement by Stephen McNallen
from The Runestone Summer 1999 #26

After much discussion and thought, I have submitted the following statement to the Board of Drectors of the Asatru Folk Assembly, which has given it their endorsement:

All members and supporters of the AFA, and indeed all Asatruar within or without our organization, are strongly encouraged to emulate our Mormon friends and set aside a year’s supply of food and other basic provisions.

“Strongly encouraged” means just that – this is not a requirement for association with the AFA, but neither is it a halfhearted recommendation which will be mentioned once and then forgotten. My intention is that a spirit of readiness becomes a permanent part of the “culture” of the Asatru Folk Assembly, and that such precautions become the norm rather than the exception.

This is not done with any particular disaster in mind – neither war nor computer failure nor financial collapse. We are not becoming “survivalists” any more than are the local Mormons when they carry out an identical program.

On the other hand, Asatruar have two parts of our religion which validate a program of preparedness. One is the calamitous time predicted in the Voluspa when the Gods and their allies, and the giants and their minions, will do battle with each other. Asatruar are not bystanders in this conflict, nor will we be spared through some equivalent of the Christian “rapture” which will bear away all believers. I strongly believe we will be here, on the scene, aiding the Gods in whatever way we can – and before anything else, that means surviving as individuals, as families, and as Folk. The exact form of Ragnarok is not known to us, nor is the time of it’s coming, but we would do well to prepare just as do the Einherjar in Odin’s hall.

Additionally, the very spirit of the Havamal – of Odin’s practical advice to the ordinary men and women of Midgard, rather than to his chosen heroes – is one of prudence and preparedness. A program for storing food and other supplies is entirely in keeping with these principles.

In short, the two most renowned poems of the Poetic Edda validate this project: The Vlouspa, with its heroic and cosmic vision, and the Havamal, with its very down-to-earth practicallity. With such documentation, it is clear we are working within the purview of our religion rather than merely responding to temporary crises on the world stage.

Finally, we would not want to be a burden on our neighbors, or on relief efforts, in times of mundane catastrophe. If we are prepared, attention can be given to those who need it more than we do.

With all these things in mind, I am asking each of you to begin setting aside food and essential items sufficient to last your family a year. For those in position to do so, thought should be given to food PRODUCTION in addition to storage. And remember that survival is not merely an individual affair but a group endeavor, so network with your fellow Asatruar where possible to assist each other.

In the weeks and months to come, we will show you ways to do this that are not a drain on your resources, or on your storage capabilities Guidelines will be provided, and advice and assistance given. In the meantime, I suggest that you not wait for further instructions, but exercise your initiative and begin now to prepare.

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New Apprentice Folkbuilder

I would like to introduce to you the Asatru Folk Assembly’s newest Apprentice Folkbuilder, Benjamin Tiemeier of Ohio. The Midwest in general and Ohio in specific has been a area of great growth and enthusiasm in the last year and we see big things on the horizon. Ben will be working with Zach Cato to build the AFA’s Midwest region and help our Midwest family reach their fullest potential. Huge thank you to Ben for stepping forward.

Hail the Doers!

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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A Tribute to Dick Johnson (1999)

by Stephen A. McNallen
from The Runestone Spring 1999 #25

On December 12 of this last year, Dick Johnson shucked off an ailing, pain-ridden body and departed Midgard. He was 78 years old.

To all but a handful of you, this is not a statement that conveys a lot of meaning – another name, another death; it happens countless times a day. But there is a story here, one relevant to the history of Asatru in Vinland.

After returning from four years of active Army duty, in 1976, I had moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and was living in Berkeley. Upon returning Stateside, I thumbed through the card file of RUNESTONE readers, located a few people in the immediate area, and made tentative approaches toward a meeting.

Dick was the first to respond, and I remember well the day he walked into my upstairs apartment on Channing Way. In the years that followed, his insurance office at 1000 University Avenue became the focus for organized Asatru in the Bay Area. We offered blot in his back room, and met with a few other memorable renegades – people like Hal and Gerald and John – who dared remember the old Gods and Goddesses of our Folk. Sometimes we gathered in nearby Tilden Park, in the Berkeley hills; occasionally we would assemble at places like Rodeo Beach – but Dick was always a constant feature. he was there at the first public Odinblot in Codornices Park, and at the first Althing, in 1980.

It’s a cliche to say that a friend’s wife is charming and his daughters lovely, but in this case it is only the truth. Esther was always a warm hostess, and although Karen and Linda had their own llives and were seldom in evidence, I remember them as two very different, but very attractive, young women.

Dick moved from Berkeley to the nearby community of Richmond, then escaped the Bay Area entirely and took refuge in Klamath Falls Oregon. We didn’t see each other much after that, but we’d exchange the occasional phone call or letter, and I sent him THE RUNESTONE as a matter of course. I knew he was ill with parkinson’s Disease and severe anemia, and the maladies took their toll on him as the years went by.

When Esther’s note arrived to tell me that Dick had died, I was hardly surprised. But I was saddened, and knew that an era had died with him.

Fare well Dick. We’ll all follow you eventually, so save us a seat on the mead benches. The fight continues here, and we’ll be thirsty when we arrive.

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Day of Remembrance for Jarl Hakon

Jarl Hakon is one of those rare men who, by the sheer force of will changed history. Hakon was a strong practitioner of the old ways and likely an Odinn’s man. After Hakon’s father was burned alive by the grandsons of Harald Fairhair he vowed revenge and set about seeing that those responsible would pay dearly. Hakon was able to kill the grandson responsible and also, with the aid of the king of Denmark, to gain the jarldom of western Norway. Immediately upon his gaining power in Norway, Hakon began rebuilding the old temples and holy sites and encouraged the worship of the Gods again undoing much of what Fairhair and his family had done for Christianity.

Eventually Hakon was called upon to come to the aid of his Danish ally against Emperor Otto II of Germany. The ensuing war did not go well for the Scandinavians and it happened that Hakon was forcibly baptized and ordered to convert Norway back to Christianity. He was given a ship to sail home filled with priests of the desert faith. Hakon sailed out away from the shore and forced every priest off his ship. From there he sailed to islands off the coast of Sweden and gave blot to Odinn as ravens flew overhead.

After this great omen Hakon returned to Norway and repelled the incoming invasion. Now he was able to rule in peace for some time and continue his revival of the ancestral ways unhindered by outside influences.

Men like Hakon are rare, but each of us has the ability to change our immediate surroundings or, at the very least, change our perception of those surroundings. Hakon took misfortune and turned it into fuel to drive him to achieve great things. We too have that ability, we can decide how we react to things and how we deal with things. We can rise to the occasion or we can slink off and hide in the shadows. As Asatruar I dare say the only real option for us is to rise up. Asatruar -real sons and daughters of the Gods- do not hide in the shadows or slink off anywhere! We, like Hakon, must always stand tall and proud.

Hail Jarl Hakon Sigurdsson!!!

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New Apprentice Folkbuilder

The AFA is proud to welcome Katee Allen of Idaho as the newest member of our Folkbuilding team. We are very excited to see the growth of our Northwest region and to welcome the new members. Katee will be a great help to Joe and Johnny as we move forward. Thank you Katee for stepping up.

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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