Folk Services Fund

For some, it may be a natural disaster.  For others an unexpected change in health, and for some just an unforeseen chain of events.  Whatever the case may be sometimes we find ourselves in a sticky situation, and although we try and to work and do our best to pull ourselves out, sometimes we may need the help of our Folk community to give us a hand up…

That’s when our Folk Services program comes in. We give one-time monetary grants to those members in need.  These folks are so grateful and we know that once they get back on track they will contribute to this fund.  For those that are able, we are in need of funds so we can be prepared for when these situations arise in our community.  If you’re able to please place a donation today. Even a small donation adds up in the grand scheme of things and even $5 or $10 can help if enough people pitch in.  If even a fraction of the folks who like the page did that each month, imagine the possibilities! AFA Folk Services is intended to provide modest, one-time monetary grants to Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) members in dire need of basic services. It is also to be a source for referrals and information to help members get help beyond what the AFA can directly provide. For more information, send a private message to the Folk Services page on Facebook.

Your contributions are earnestly solicited and of course, are tax-deductible!