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Asatru Folk Assembly Folkbuilders

In the AFA, our greatest priority is our members needs. We go to great lengths to ensure that we are not just a online phenomenon where all our leaders are on the other side of the country. We prioritize REAL LIFE interaction between our membership and our leaders and ultimately our greatest goal is building REAL LIFE Folkish community's of like minded people, honoring our Gods and building our Folk. Folk builders are the face of the AFA in the different regions of the world and the local leadership of these community's. These men and women have stepped up to make a difference and not only do the tasks people see, like throwing events and interacting with membership, but also are busy behind the scenes doing things like membership, online management and helping shape the AFA. I'm proud to have the people we do, in these roles!!
Marc MacLeod-Folk Builder Coordinator

Marc MacLeod
Folkbuilder Coordinator
Marc MacLeod -

Folkbuilders act as Regional Contacts for the AFA. Click on to find a Folkbuilder near you. If you live in an area not covered here, please click on the AFA Trihorn logo for our Folkbuilder At Large.

AFA North America
AFA Europe
AFA Australia, New Zealand, & South Africa

North America



Alaska & Far North

Eric Whisman
Apprentice Folkbuilder, Alaska
Eric Whisman -


Central Corridor

Bryan Wilton
Folkbuilder, Oklahoma
Bryan Wilton -


Deep South

Jason Plourde
Apprentice Folkbuilder, Florida
Jason Plourde -


Four Corners

Nathan Hayden
Apprentice Folkbuilder, Colorado
Nathan Hayden -



Cole Distel
Apprentice Folkbuilder, Ohio
Cole Distel -



Clifford Erickson
Folkbuilder, Pennsylvania
Clifford Erickson -


Northern Plains

Blaine Qualls, Jr.
Jason Gallagher
Folkbuilder, North Dakota
Apprentice Folkbuilder, Minnesota
Blaine Qualls, Jr. -
Jason Gallagher -


Upper South

Bryan Blue
Paul Hester
Apprentice Folkbuilder, Virginia
Apprentice Folkbuilder, North Carolina
Bryan Blue -
Paul Hester -



Heather Jayne
Heather Clinkenbeard
Ryan Harlan
Apprentice Folkbuilder, California
Folkbuilder, California
Apprentice Folkbuilder, California
Heather Jayne -
Heather Clinkenbeard -
Ryan Harlan -



Eastern Europe

Wiktor Domogala
Apprentice Folkbuilder, Poland
Wiktor Domogala -



Anders Nilsson
Apprentice Folkbuilder, Sweden
Anders Nilsson -

Australia, New Zealand, & South Africa

Cameron Mottus
Apprentice Folkbuilder, New Zealand
Cameron Mottus -


Folkbuilder At Large

Jamie Souligny
Apprentice Folkbuilder, At Large
Jamie Souligny -